Off-Road Tour in Cappadocia

Off-Road Tour in Cappadocia

Tour Highlights

Off-Road Tour in Cappadocia is one of the most exciting adventures in Cappadocia. We offer you the best of the best: open-top 4×4 vehicles for unobstructed views of the valleys, churches and other cultural highlights. We take you to the hard-to-find places and away from the crowds for spectacular views and the excitement of traveling off-road in the unique landscapes of Cappadocia – all in one day.


Tour Itinerary

This trip starts either at 10:00 in the morning and finish around 14:00 in the afternoon or at 13:00 in the afternoon and finish around 17:00 We will pick you up from your hotel and start our adventure driving from Goreme to Uchisar.  Our first stop is the majestic vista point overlooking Goreme. From the panoramic viewpoint, we will drive to Ibrahimpasa Village. There is a bridge in the center that crosses a gorge which dates back to 1939 but a recent facelift has left it looking brand new. On either side, you will see fine old stone Cappadocian houses with highly decorative facades that rise up amid the newer builds. On the other side of the village, a path winds down to views over a glorious unspoiled valley.

Our next stop will be Pancarlık Church (Beet Valley). It is a monastic church housed inside a group of rock cones. The flat ceiling of the church is still completely covered with frescoes in which reds and greens predominate as is the upper part of the small apse and large parts of the north and south walls.

Not far away is the Sarıca Church which was only discovered quite recently (it was buried under mounds of earth) and which has been completely restored. It stands in splendid isolation and is only open from April through to the end of October.

We will then drive to Gomeda Valley and explore one of the hidden beauties of Cappadocia. This valley is known to be the greenest valley of Cappadocia

Our last stop will be Mustafapasa Village, a former Greek town which was inhabited by “Rums” (Greeks) until 1924 population exchange. You can visit the old Greek mansions and have a short walk in this town.

Driver has Basic English and he will drive you from one site to another. He will not be able to explain the sites.


NOTE: We can also offer a private guide for the day. You will have your own professionally-licensed, English-speaking guide with you for the entire day.

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